Snacks & Stories 3: Raja Sekhar Mamidana

Snacks & Stories is a new podcast by Random Tadka. We hope to bring you stories every week about people who chose to innovate . It could be artists, entrepreneurs, activists or people who just don’t or won’t fit in a box. Come join us on this fun filled ride filled with success, failures, tears and euphoria. Coz let’s face it, we all have a story to tell.

Laughter is the best medicine. Jandhyala the late legendary Telugu comedy director once said “Navvatam oka bhogam..Navvinchatam oka yogam..Navva lekapovatam oka rogam” which loosely translates to laughing is a joy, making others laugh is a blessing and in the inability to laugh is a disease.

India is currently experiencing the golden age of comedy and it’s not an exaggeration to say so. There are a lot of comedians dishing out a variety of content in the form of stand up shows, tv shows, web series etc., Hyderabad though caught up late in the game is now seeing some capable comedians already leaving their mark. Among those is Hyderabad’s veteran comedian Raja Sekhar Mamidana. He is a mimicry artist, a stand-up comedian, an improv comedian and a public speaker. In this edition of snacks and stories lets hear about raja’s long journey of being a stand-up comedian, his style of writing, personal stories and his advice to budding comedians.

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