Snacks & Stories 2: Drishti Nagda

Snacks & Stories is a new podcast by Random Tadka. We hope to bring you stories every week about people who chose to innovate . It could be artists, entrepreneurs, activists or people who just don’t or won’t fit in a box. Come join us on this fun filled ride filled with success, failures, tears and euphoria. Coz let’s face it, we all have a story to tell.

They say a pen is mightier than a sword. When you cant fight with weapons you choose words. Poetry has been instrumental when it comes to expressing complex human emotions and ideologies in a beautiful, captivating way. Hyderabad is experiencing a new age renaissance for poetry. There are definitely a lot of people and groups who should be appreciated for this. Today we bring you one such young poet/entrepreneur who founded “Hyderabad poetry project”. She might be just 22 but her thoughts and ideologies will tell you she is a force to reckon with. In this episode, we would love to introduce you “Drishti”, a poet and founder for Hyderabad Poetry Project.

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drishto for snacks and stries

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