Is it good? – Avengers Infinity War (Spoiler free review)

Dread it! Run from it! Destiny still arrives!!

Boy did it arrive! Marvel’s new magnum Opus Avengers: Infinity war was out on 27th April. We traveled with them since their first venture Iron man(2008) and even after 10 years, no one is or will be ready for what this movie has to offer. I will try to make this as spoiler free as possible so I am not gonna get into in-depth details.


The basic plot of the movie is why and how the mad titan Thanos embarks on a journey to gather all the infinity stones and kill half of the entire universe’s population. All of Marvel’s heroes ie the avengers, guardians of the galaxy, and the nation of Wakanda band together to try and stop him.

Why you should watch it:

The words magnum opus or epic or saga are so frequently used in modern day vernacular, they lost their impact. But sadly no other words can even come close to describe this movie. This movie is marvel’s Empire strikes back. That should tell you what to expect walking into the theater. This is a relentless action thrill ride that rips your still beating heart out with its emotional story telling. From the opening credits to the end credits, its full of action, anguish, destruction and some genuine jaw dropping moments. I heard audible gasps and shrieks (some by me) in cinema hall through out the movie.

Now if you ask anyone the one thing marvel movies lacked despite their international appeal, the answer would be either the lack of a decent villain or paper thin plots or the recurring theme of resurrections which dilute the emotion behind the death of a character.

This movie made up for the lack of decent villians (apart from loki of course) for the past 10 years. Josh Brolin as Thanos is just terrifying. For the first time in a marvel movie, I felt genuine dread for the heroes. Every time he was on screen I was on the edge of my seat, in some scenes literally wondering what he would do next. As the directors explained during the promotional tours this entire movie feels like a Thanos Origin movie. And he commands every scene he is in like a boss

The plot to be honest feels a little too simplistic (especially if you are a comic reader or into fan theories and speculations) but that wouldn’t hinder you from having fun. Out of the horde of heroes running around in the movie Iron man, Spider-man, Thor and Scarlet witch get the juicy parts. The others get good screen time, dont get me wrong but these 4 are offered more in terms of character development. I will discuss that more in the spoiler section.

RDJ as Ironman was at this best. His anguish, pain and fear are beautifully portrayed. Spider man will leave an impact. After Thor Ragnorak Chris Hemsworth killed it again as Thor. Elizabeth olsen as wanda was brilliant. I am glad how they potrayed her powers because after Thor and Vision, she is either the most powerful character if not the strongest of all.

The CGI is spectacular, the war scenes mesmerizing and fun banter didn’t feel too out of place for the characters. But this movie belongs to the director duo “ The Russo Brothers”. To put together a cast this big and to tell a coherent story without any one character act out of place and the way they brought Thanos to life was just.. Marvelous, Pun intended. Certain parts of the movie feels like a horror movie and the way they pulled off the eerie sensation of dread is just top notch. There is a surprise cameo from a particular marvel villain who appeared in the earlier movies and it was very thought out and I am curious to see where they will take it.

Now I heard a few people online complaining about the run time of the movie which is 149 mins. Honestly, I didn’t look at my watch once and I am glad they made it a 2+ hour movie considering the number of characters and story-lines involved.

However this movie is not perfect. There are some loop holes as you would expect when you are making a movie of this magnitude. For example even though I love how Thanos was more of a sympathetic villain than a raging monster, his motive feels bond movie villainish. I mean he actually reminded me of Richmond Valentine from “The kingsman: The Secret Service”. Another complaint from me would be that they didn’t utilize Captain america and black panther completely. I felt like they were compensating by giving a juicier role to RDJ after what they did to him in Civil war. And the major letdown for me has to be the black order. I can understand they have been powered down completely so that they can end the battle scenes faster and spend more focus on Thanos.

Also did anyone notice that the Scarlet Witch literally dropped the accent. I mean she had a strong accent in Age of Ultron, in here it looks like they thought .. screw it!!!

Who should watch it:

If you are a fan of MCU or superhero movies or action movies or basically who can enjoy a good movie.. this is for you!

Who shouldn’t watch it:

Haters, Whiners, people who don’t understand or appreciate the complexity of a movie like this.


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