Avengers: Infinity War – Spoiler Talk, What to expect from the next movies before Avengers 4, Theories about Avengers 4

***** Spoilers Ahead *****

What I loved and hated about the movie?

If you are here, that means you saw the movie and you are curious about the next movies. First things first, Some spoiler talk.

For me the characters that shines in the movies are also the ones that lost a lot. For starters I actually felt bad when Thanos had to kill gamora to make the soul stone. Not because one of the guardians died or Star lord’s gf died but because the daughter of Thanos died. Full marks for Josh Brolin, the directors and the writers for achieving that.

The fight between Thanos and Dr. Strange, Iron man, Spider-man, Peter Quill, Drax, Mantis and nebula was honestly the best. The new Iron spider-man suit is bloody fantastic! And That’s another thing, Tom Holland was amazing through out the movie. Especially his vanishing scene in the end. The way he goes full Doctor Who saying “I dont wanna go”, would leave you heartbroken. Because it makes you realize beneath the mask, he is still a teenager, a child.

That brings us to quite possibly the actor with the best character arc in the movie, RDJ as Ironman. I will be honest after the Iron man 3, he honestly wasn’t provided much to develop as a character. Don’t get me wrong he was great in Civil war but the way a lot of us went Team Captain shows that was his movie after all. This movie gives him a lot to work with. It starts with tony and pepper making future plans after their recent marriage. His expression after hearing Thanos name shows how he realized the time has come to meet his worst nightmare. We already saw it on age of Ultron, its standing alone and alive on the pile of his friend’s dead-bodies. His pain was not just that they died, it was also that he survived. That pain became a reality when he had to watch young spider man, whom he has been mentoring almost like a father figure, vanish in his arms and he could do nothing about it.

There were 2 other characters I felt really bad for. Wanda and Rocket Raccoon. Wanda had to kill vision, the man she loved after her brother, only to watch him resurrected by Thanos and then brutally murdered in-front of her, all over again. And rocket had to watch Groot go, the second time and once again there was nothing he could do. I would have mentioned Thor as well losing loki for the 3rd time but you have to wonder if he got used to it by now lol.

Why did Dr. Strange hand over the Infinity Stone to Thanos to save Tony’s life instead of just reversing time?

I am sure everyone is curious about the next movies and got some burning questions. First things first, Some spoiler talk.

From the cinema hall to my home, I heard atleast 5-10 people complain outloud why Dr. Strange would just hand over the Time stone to Thanos to save Tony’s life. I mean this was the same man who said if it comes to saving the stone or tony and peter, he would choose the former without a moment of hesitation. So why the change of heart? I mean he could have used the time stone to stop Thanos from stabbing Tony. Was it a feeling of mutal respect towards to tony, a person he just met? Definitely not.

Before their big battle with Thanos, you could see Dr. Strange using the time stone to look into the future for a timeline where they succeeded and in his words out of more than 14 million plus scenarios they won only in one. But the look on his face when he said one, was actually of pure sadness, its almost as if he found out the one way they could win involves some heavy casualties. Also Dr. Strange is a calculated man with genius level intellect who swore to protect the stone. So if he gave it up to protect tony that can only mean one thing… Tony is important for what’s to come. He needs to live. That one life mattered more than half of the universe. You can say he choose to lose the battle so that he can win the war.

Also this “one life” seems to be a recurring theme in the movie. The way Wanda initially refuses to kill vision because his one life matters the most to her. Similarly Thanos had to sacrifice gamora to obtain the soul stone, the one life that actually mattered to him. Gamora had to give up the location of the soul stone to save her sister’s life. She choose her one life instead of half o the universe. Same goes with avengers and Wakanda who choose to defend vision instead of giving him up. So I have a feeling Tony Stark is the key in reversing what happened in the end, which leads to another dreadful theory. May be Strange already secretly mentioned the outcome of this battle to Stark to prepare him for the war.

For this a little talk about soul stone. From my understanding Soul stone was essential to the gauntlet because it basically stores the souls wiped off in it. So in order to reverse the effect, ie get the souls taken back into the reality might demand a sacrifice and if tony is important, we can assume that he would be the one to hold the gauntlet like Thanos did here and he would have to sacrifice the one thing he loves the most. Would that be pepper or Steve Rogers. That would be interesting to see.

Post Credit Scenes – Predictions for the movies to come:

If you are a comics fan or if you saw the marvel avengers tv show you could immediately identify the star insignia on a red and blue background. It’s the colors of captain marvel aka Carol Denvers. From what we know so far, the captain marvel movie would be based in the 90s. We are also gonna see characters like Nick Fury, Agent Coulson etc working with her to possibly fight off the skrull. Would it be Skrull invasion arc? No idea!

So first easy guess would be the post credit scene for Captain marvel would be her receiving the distress signal nick fury sent at the end of the movie.

Ant man & Wasp, which is coming out on July 6th is now confirmed to be taking place before the events of Infinity war, so I am guessing the post credit scene or the end scene would be some of the main characters vanishing. My bet would be on either Wasp or Scott’s daughter or both. Another character I suspect would vanish would be Hank Pym himself. We know Michelle Pfeiffer is being cast as janet the original wasp, so we know she would make a come back from the sub atomic realm. Imagine the heart break to return to your loved ones after years of isolation only to watch them vanish into thin air.

What to expect in Avengers 4?

I like how they took away most of the secondary characters including the new characters so that its up to the Original 6 avengers (Iron man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Hawk-eye, Black widow) to take on Thanos in Avengers 4. So it would be up to the original 6 along with the handful that survived (Rhodes, Rocket, Nebula) and a couple of new characters to stop Thanos. Kind of their way of bringing it to a circle I guess, and this also confirms the popular fan theory that one or more of the original avengers are gonna kick the bucket and Captain America just climbed the top of every fan deadpool again (pun Intended).

But I think we will get to see a Key Player in Avengers 4. Its the man who played a key role in the original Infinity gauntlet storyline, Adam Warlock. At the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 we saw ayesha saying she is creating a perfect artificial being to destroy the guardians and that she would call him “Adam”. So we know Adam Warlock is set to make a debut and I can bet that he would play a similar role in the attack on Thanos like in the comics. But in the comics, Silver Surfer was by his side when they attacked Thanos. I know it might not happen in the same way but I can bet they would replace a cosmic being like silver surfer with another being with cosmic powers, Captain Marvel.


Image Credits: https://www.google.co.in/search?client=ms-unknown&biw=360&bih=311&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=MOvmWuqfHozcvATohIfwBQ&q=hawkeye+ronin&oq=Hawkeye+&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-img.1.0.0l5.5005.8956..10402…4….363.2412.0j3j5j2……0….1…….3..35i39j0i67j0i10.VXv1d%2FHEqag%3D#imgrc=C2F-clFOs22WMM:

The above pic was taken from the sets of Avengers 4, so we can safely assume either some or all of clint’s family vanished at the end of infinity war which pushes Hawkeye to become ronin. This is already a fan favorite theory and it seems more plausible now.


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    1. Loved it!!! One of my favorites has to be the interactions between Dr. Strange and iron man. Two men with huge egos and genius level intellect trying to have a discussion. Hilarious lol

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